The inbetweeners characters


Will (Simon Bird): William McKenzie, I live with my mum who is separated from myfather. My friends like to come round to stare at her because they believe, mistakenly, that she is fit. She isn’t, she’s like a mum. I intend to have a career in politics or the media after i’ve attended one of the top universities in the country (maybe durham) and travelled a bit.

Simon (Joe Thomas): My mates call me Si. It's worth staying on at school just to get the opportunity to see Carli d’Amato every single day. She’s smart and funny and unbelievably hot. She’s amazing. OK, I know she’s out of my league, but Christ, she’s out of everyone’s league.

Jay (James Buckley): My name’s Jay and these are a few facts you should know.
I get a lot more sex than you. Fact.
When I was twelve I thrashed Lewis Hamilton to become National Karting Champion. Fact.
At Glastonbury, Liam Gallagher asked me where I got my clothes. Fact.
Neil's house stinks. Fact.

Neil (Blake Harrison): My name is Neil Sutherland and i’m in the sixth form at Rudge Park Comprehensive. I have no idea how i passed enough GCSEs to get in, but i’m well glad i did because it’s a laugh most of the time and a doss and beats the shit out of working i reckon.
I live with my sister and my dad. My dad hasn't got a girlfriend at the moment. To be honest he hasn't really had one since my mum left, but that don't mean nothing. And he's probably too busy with badminton to get one anyway. And he could get one.